What is a Bounty?
A cryptocurrency bounty is a reward given by the DAOs to people who complete their tasks.

Bounties in crypto were first introduced as a marketing tool you earn by sharing an upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering) but have evolved into a broader ecosystem of opportunities for anyone interested in crypto.

How do I get paid?

You get paid by completing tasks, from writing content to revising code. There is a bounty for every area of your expertise.

In which currency do I get paid?

You generally obtain a bounty reward in the token of the DAO, although stablecoin rewards (like USDC) are also used.

Why their own token and not bitcoin?

While bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are the mainstream options, the goal of completing a bounty is to eventually join the DAO by holding their token. The aim is that you like the DAO so much that you are willing to give some of your time in exchange for some tokens, those tokens can also be used for voting, and if the DAO does well, it could also give an excellent financial outcome with the time.

Ok, but how do I apply to them?

You go to the bounties section and look for the one of your preference; from there, you will be redirected to the DAOs page, and you can continue the process. While there are a few places where you can find those bounties, we, of course, would suggest you use Kleoverse, as we have the largest DAO and Bounties directory in web3.

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