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With Proof of Talent, you can now easily access comprehensive background checks, including verified work history and achievements, all in one convenient place. Say goodbye to the hassle of resume screening, expensive agencies and time-consuming background checks. Unlock the potential of those around you!

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Proof-of-Talent and Skill Scores guarantee all the candidates have a portfolio others can trust.

Start hiring by posting a job

Connect with built-in messaging, review all applicants in the recruitment dashboard and export them to a CSV file that is compatible with your ATS.
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Get more applicants with a Featured Job Post

Gain the spotlight at the top of the jobs page and be featured with our community in Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Substack. On average, promoted job posts receive 3 times more applications than standard job posts.
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Get more applicants with a Bundled Job Post

Don't settle to post your job only in Kleoverse. Upgrade to a bundle and get your job posted in other recruiting sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn. Still access all the applicants natively from Kleoverse.
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Still no luck? Let us find the best talent for you in days

We will do the talent sourcing for you! Tell us what you're looking for, and we will share you the most ideal candidates every day until there's a match! Only success based charging applies.
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Hire builders of the future

First-ever hiring tool based on verified development activity!
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Our Story

Kleoverse is a remote-first recruitment startup, founded in the summer 2021. We are building a talent marketplace, with a mission to revolutionize how talent is measured, signalled and discovered on the web.

Legacy methods of talent measurement and signaling often lead to hiring from exclusive groups of people based on status symbols rather than actual skills and willingness to learn, This leads to non-optimal recruitment decisions and unnecessary costs.

We aspire to be an integral part in shaping this future. Our goal is to enable anyone in the world to gain an access to the professional opportunities they deserve.