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XL Layout for docs


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Having looked at this more closely, I'd recommend a few tweaks to solve the XL-width issue–whilst keeping a good reading (and aesthetic) experience for the user.

First screen: 1920x1080 1920x1080

After 1504px, I recommend moving away from the main content being slightly left-aligned. This allows for a more conventional 'reading focused mode' to begin–whereby the content will have an equal margin on either side of it.

From my experiments in Figma, the width of the Contents should remain at 640px until it hits 1920 width. At this point, I'd suggest increasing the width of the content to 700px to make the content look more appropriate for larger screen sizes–without damaging the reading experience.

Second screen: 2560x1440 2560x1440

Expanding the entire view to fit XL screens is difficult to get right; the navigation often ends up too far away from the main content and ultimately, one thing will always suffer.

Hope this is of some use. Let me know your thoughts/comments ✌️

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Resurfacing this feature request as a new issue and opening up to anyone who would like to contribute, using the above design concept as a guide. (Original issue #1780)