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Write integration tests




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I'm not good at integration testing and better that someone else does it.

What's needed

  • Pick a integration testing tool, the smaller and faster it is the better
  • write lots of tests and achieve 100% coverage (you can check coverage locally)
  • pull request the tests

What you shouldn't do

  • don't hardcore wallet addresses in tests. Either use env variables or create a wallet with random key using ethers.js. PM me to add secrets in a GitHub env
  • don't use any CommonJS transpilators for tests. Tests must be pure ESM as well as the source. CommonJS fallback that is used in Rollup will be soon removed, since Next.js got ESM externals feature in the 11.0.2-canary.10 release, so please be aware of that.
  • don't use jest (bc it's too heavy and contains too much unnecessary stuff)

What to consider

  • please keep the formatting correct and fix all lint errors you get. It's already handled by husky, but still
  • would be awesome if the tool you choose has a GitHub app, so it can report coverage change on commit / PR

Some test examples

Not the full list, just to give an idea which tests are required:

  • wallet options
    • should work without constructor
    • should work without appId
    • should support different chains (with networkId)
    • should support passed wallet providers
    • should use initial data while the hook is loading
  • hook properties
    • isWalletSelected
    • false by default
    • should set isWalletSelected to true after successful wallet connect

thanks to whoever writes the tests, I appreciate it a lot :)