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Write an Exchange scraper for AcalaSwap DEX




almost 2 years ago



340 USD


We are looking for a Go developer who is experienced in writing applications interfacing with Polkadot Parachains. Your task is to write a trades scraper for AcalaSwap DEX on Acala Parachain:

The data must be fetched directly from on-chain, using for instance the public endpoints linked in the documentation:

Before applying to this task please have a look at the wasm contracts/programs. This might not be a straightforward task and ideally you only apply if you are confident you can fetch the relevant data from on-chain.

Furthermore, you should adhere to our underlying architecture / data structures. For instructions please go to:

Feel free to also have a look at our existing exchange scrapers at:

This issue was previously worked on in this PR:

In case you have questions don't hesitate to ask!