This bounty is no longer available
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Write a new coordination story




over 1 year ago



1000 USD


This is a bounty to create a new story about coordination failure and PR it back to this repo ( ).

How to participate

  1. Fork the repo
  2. PR back a new story
  3. Agree to liscense the content to the community.
  4. Do so by 11/31/2022 to be eligible for payouts.

What does a good submission look like?

  1. It's concise - 3 paragraphs or less.
  2. It copies the format of the example story
  3. The author has read the pre-reads and understands the content.
  4. It works in the request for storeies list, and other criteria listed on the readme.
  5. It's compelling - understandable, relatable, articulate, and moving.
  6. Written in English


  3. TLDR a coordination failure occurs when a group of agents wants to meet their shared needs, but cant because they can't coordinate to create that outcome. Coordination Failure especially occurs when each agent individually has a selfish incentive to maximize their own resources at the expense of the collective/commons. examples here

This is a bounty only for high quality submissions. I will be rewarding submissions that are high quality as follows:

top submission $400 in DAI

second submission $150 in DAI

honorable mentions at my discretion