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The goal of the plugins project is to enable a payments option for MobileCoin during checkout on an online shopping platform, WooCommerce.

The end-users of the plugin should be able to add the plugin to their eCommerce store to accept and process payments using the MobileCoin (MOB) cryptocurrency. MobileCoin's blockchain can process payments in under 5 seconds with negligible transaction fees (0.0004 MOB).

MobileCoin's core engineering team has already done much of the development and released an example plugin for the popular WooCommerce store for WordPress to accept MOB as a Payment Method. You can find the open source code for the plugin on GitHub.

This plugin is still in the development phase, and we are seeking developers to take over this project, update the plugin so that it can be used successfully by online stores on Wordpress.


  1. Successfully implement the MobileCoin Payment Method on a WooCommerce e-commerce website.
  2. If the clients will choose to pay using the MobileCoin Payment Method, they will be redirected to a Payments Page where they can pay in MOB.
  3. When the payment goes through, the clients will be redirected to the Confirmation Page.

Submission Process:

  1. Apply to this bounty on
  2. Submit your app via a pull request to the awesome-mobilecoin repository to complete the bounty.
  3. Write a detailed guide on how to implement the plugin. Feel free to use [the example guide].(
  4. Schedule a demo to show our team the live working plugin.