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What's the most important crypto-commerce tool to help humans cooperate?




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This bounty is to get your input on the Substack book and book club, Gaming the Future: Technologies for Intelligent Voluntary Cooperation by Allison Duettmann, Christine Peterson, Mark S. Miller, Foresight Institute.

What’s the book about: Have you ever played Civilization? In the game, you’re discovering technologies that unlock new levels, one capability at a time. But not all innovations are equal. Better technologies of cooperation could unlock new levels of progress across the board. Opportunities for bright futures enabled by bio, nano, and computing technologies are now within our reach. Their proliferation also comes with risks and authoritarian attempts at control. This book explores how cryptocommerce can enable decentralized, secure cooperation across human and computing entities. This unlocks a third path: a paretotropian future of high technology, intelligence and freedom.

What is this bounty about?

We would love your input to improve the ideas and technologies in the book. Each bounty in this series corresponds to one chapter. If we pick your submission, in addition to rewarding the bounty, we may get in touch to discuss if and how to include it in the book.

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