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over 1 year ago



50 USD


Refer a Web3 organization to join Kleoverse to earn USDC!


  • Representative of an org adds or claims their profile at Kleoverse
  • Org basic information is filled, including its description
  • Org lists at least 1 Bounty OR 1 Job to Kleoverse

To claim the Bounty, introduce Aleksi to the representative of the organization who manages their profile in Kleoverse. The best channel for this is Telegram (@aleksiloytynoja) or alternatively Discord (aloytynoja#7773) by creating a group chat including the Contributor of this Bounty, Aleksi, and the org representative.

The reward will be paid once the intro chat has been created and the first Bounty or Job listed to Kleoverse.

Multiple Contributors can claim this Bounty, and any Contributor can claim this Bounty multiple times. In other words, you'll earn 50 USDC per every organization you successfully introduce 📯


Kleoverse is building Proof-of-Talent to help developers and other web3 professionals create on-chain resumes based on their project history and open-source contributions.

At the largest Platform of Work in Web3, you can leverage your on-chain credentials for finding work from hundreds of jobs, posted by the leading web3 organizations. Build the professional profile of web3, showcase your skills with the most relevant credentials, connect with organizations and other builders, and find your next opportunity!