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Use image server for all kind of images and integrate identity rings




over 1 year ago



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Currently the http server in status-go is used only for identicon and image messages. We should also use it for profile pictures.

There's a branch out that also handles this case, which includes work from @qfrank:

This branch has a few changes:

  • Adds an identity ring to the image
  • Adds a signal when the port of the http server changes
  • Serves user profile pictures

Some of the work integrating the branch has already been done here:

The important things to note when finishing integrating the branch:

  • If the port of the server changes, the URL should of the image should be updated and re-fetched
  • Status-go should not serve user images if the user has their settings set to not display profile pictures, only identicons should be server
  • If this setting changes, pictures should be reloaded
  • Dark/light theme should be likely passed as a parameter, so that the identity ring can be correctly set
  • Identity ring should be toggled, as we don't want to show it in the old UI, only on the new UI