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Upgrade the UI of NFTCheese Chrome Extension




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1000 USD


NFTCheese is a NFT sniping chrome extension that allow users to spot undervalued NFT right on Opensea. Please take a look and try on the tool for yourself at

Your task is to implement the UI components for NFTCheese 2.0.


Libraries you will work with:

  1. React
  2. Chakra-UI - Please do check src/theme.ts
  3. Visx graphs or apexcharts
  4. Axios

Features to be implement:

  1. Trait Selector Trait Selection Modal The component works as in
  2. Listing distribution, sorted by price or rank
  3. Sales & Listing dot map
  4. View event history of a single NFT asset
  5. Check the traits' rarity at your fingertip

Coding Requirements:

  1. All components should have their own storybooks
  2. All components must be styled for both dark mode and light mode. You can see examples of how other components are done in this repository.

Note while working on this project

  • Backend API will be provided to you. However, we're open to seek for Backend developers that are experience with ExpressJS, Typescript, Postgres, AWS, Docker. Do state your experience with this stack if it's applicable to you.
  • You'll need to check the whole codebase of the project, grasp the coding style and structure and make sure the new code stay consistent.
  • You can get familiar with the frontend setup by running this repository locally. After cloning, run:
npm install
npm run storybook

Please send me an email to after you got approved for this bounty


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