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[Track: Web2 to Web3] Integrating “Login with Unstoppable” as a login option




over 1 year ago



3000 USD


Bounty Description

Today, Web2 Apps own all user data. If a new application or innovation spins up, the user has to start over building their network and reputation. Users today average over 80 different usernames and passwords.

Login with Unstoppable is a Web3 SSO that enables users to own and permission their data during Login via NFT domains. Dapps can request information in a user-controlled, privacy-forward environment. Instead of just receiving a wallet address via typical wallet connect logins, Dapps can request on and off chain data like email, social handles, and more. Dapps can use this data to authenticate, reward, and communicate directly with their users.

Bounty Amount

  • $1,500 1st place
  • $1,000 2nd place
  • $500 3rd place
  • $100 for all entries with working integration
    • $100 in free Unstoppable Domains promo credits for all attendees/entries (per person/not per team)


In the repository submitted, please make sure to include a file with the following information:

  • Project name
  • Link to working code in a public repo OR PR link to a public repo
  • Live URL with working integration
  • Person of contact in case there are any questions
  • Discord OR Telegram OR email
  • UnstoppableDomain registered account email address (Please sign up here!)
  • The project submitted must be open source at the point of submission and the repository should remain open-source after the Hackathon is done.

Judging Criteria

Judges will check the execution of the feature integration through the provided URL. If the integration is working as intended and fulfills the condition of not being a duplicate of submissions, the bounty will be issued accordingly to the winning teams. Criteria beyond integration of login include UI, UX, creativity, and presentation.


  • Charlie Brooks, Business Development, Unstoppable Domains
  • Michael Williams, Head of Product, Unstoppable Domains


  • Login feature documentation:
  • Auth library
  • Additional Login resources: Login with Unstoppable Onboarding
  • Workshop Deck: Login with Unstoppable - BogoHacks
  • Join our Discord for Live Support
  • From there you can verify your account in #verify by hitting “Start Verification” and following the instructions! *If you do not see two buttons below, please update your Discord app or open it on the computer or the web browser. Once verified, head to #help-centre and ping @Community Mod or @Community Team and ask for the Dwebber role for the Hackathon!A mod or Community Team member will give you the role and you’ll gain access to the WEB3 Hub where you can chat and interact with other developers in the community.”

Additional resources that might help:

  • Domain resolution SDKs Resolution CLI
  • How to resolve domains using direct blockchain call (without SDK)
  • Crypto payments integration guide