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The Web3 Social Hackathon: #2 Most creative usage of Lit Actions / PKPs in addition with the Orbis SDK

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10000 USD


Join The Web3 Social Hackathon by Orbis to build amazing decentralized social media projects from Dec 1st to Dec 31st with a great prize pool of $50,000.

You'll be able to build with amazing Web3 protocols such as Ceramic, Lit Protocol, Vocdoni, Gitcoin, Krebit, Unlock, Livepeer.

Register here & Join our discord here

#2 Bounty: Most creative usage of Lit Actions / PKPs in addition with Orbis

Details: Leveraging PKPs + Lit Actions & Orbis SDK to create a unique social feature (e.g account abstraction to connect with an web2 auth method, decentralized chat bots..)

Lit is Decentralized Cryptography for Access Control, Compute, and Encryption and you can see the doc here for their new feature Lit Actions / PKPs.

Orbis is a web3 social infrastructure to build any social features (Private messaging, Social Feed, Community group) more info here.

Submission will be online here and the deadline is Dec 31st. The reward will be paid in USD$ (not crypto).

Prizes: 1st: 7000$ 2nd: 3000$

No payment will proceed on Kleoverse.


Orbis Protocol is the web3 social protocol built for developers. Our solutions make it easy to build fast and decentralized social features; from messaging and feeds to full social platforms. Many developers use Orbis Protocol to add social features to existing applications, praising its frictionless UX, speed and composability.

Orbis Protocol works by combining social data standards with a powerful decentralized infrastructure, often known as a “decentralized social layer”. Developers can use the protocol’s advanced SDK and flexible modules to integrate web3 social features in just a few lines of code.

Orbis Protocol is fully open-source and multi-chain, with current support for Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. Data storage is achieved with the Ceramic decentralized data network and encryption via Lit Protocol.

Orbis Protocol is the foundation for a composable web3 ecosystem of applications and social features. This ecosystem is growing fast, with live integrations across categories including governance, creator economy and NFT communities.

For more information, visit