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Summoners NFT wrapper




in over 262 years



2000 USD


Goal: sell Scarcity game summoner and item NFTs on NFT marketplaces such as Opensea.

Currently, Summoners NFTs are not supported by OpenSea marketplace. The reason might be ERC721 customisation used in the contract. The idea is to create a wrapper that could be imported to OpenSea and will allow users to trade their Summoners. All properties that the original Summoner NFT has should be kept, displayed and transferred properly. The same challenge applies to game Items too.

Polyscan link to smart contract

Background: Scarcity is a fork of Andre Cronje's Rarity Game on Fantom network. Scarcity is running on Polygon. We acknowledge that this bounty and has received support and funding from the Polygon project.

Support: you will receive dedicated support from developers that deployed contracts.

What is a wrapper? Example 1, ere are the ENS NFT wrapper completed issue and contracts: ENS wrapper contracts and UI Project account: Project repos:; Example 2, here is the Mooncats wrapper contract and description of their process.