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Side Bounty: Quadratic Funding Protocol




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Challenge description

You may probably know how Quadratic Funding is implemented on the Gitcoin Grants platform. If you're not familiar with this concept - there is a dedicated page about that

We at Everscale, have the Ever DAO tool for decision-making. For the distribution itself, we still use a simple multi-signature smart contract, which seems to be a limited solution, causing coordination overheads and raising the collusion issue.

At the Gitcoin DAO, there is a Grants platform, which solves these issues. It became a leading public funding tool for web3. Gitcoin DAO employs the Quadratic Funding mechanism for years to fund open-source projects.

We invite you to build a dApp that will implement the project matching and public funds distribution protocol based on individual token contributions.

Note: the Sybil Resistance issue is out of the scope of this bounty, but we highly encourage you to elaborate on that topic

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The Ever DAO is a simple proposal/voting smart contract system, which is capable to execute custom logic upon a successful vote. The OctusBridge DAO uses the same contracts to operate the OctusBridge configurations and manage its treasury.

See how Ever DAO (OctusBridge DAO) contracts are implemented and connected to the web-based dApp