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Shorter Finance Open Track Bounty




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Shorter Finance Open Track Bounty

Prize Bounty

200,000 IPISTR for best 5 track-1 submissions

250,000 IPISTR for best 8 track-2 submissions

Challenge Description

Track 1: Enrich Shorter’s ecosystem:

Use your skilled technical stack to build some fancy facilities based on the existing infrastructures that Shorter Finance provides.

Some examples:

A) Auxiliary tools help protocol users sense/handle the changes happened in Shorter nimbler

  • Telegram bot reporting price hiking and pool expiration alerts
  • Twitter automated account continuously tweeting about liquidation changes
  • Chrome notification extension indicating some activity signals, such as some ruler makes a higher bid, you win the debt etc.
  • Real-time notification applets on IFTTT make the providers acknowledge the latest high-yield pools

B) Advanced trading tool

  • Cross-platform apps can run on desktop using Electron or other frameworks
  • Mobile apps show the real-time data on Shorter and provide more effective interoperability to traders’ execution of strategies

C) Chrome extensions enhancing Shorter’s website

  • Translate the texts to Japanese
  • Customized UI elements for LGBT+

D) Games involves IPISTR

  • Lottery games
  • Cards games

E) SDK in multiple dev languages

  • Go
  • Python

F) Some other amazing works supporting the ecosystem and tokenomics

Track 2: Expand Shorter’s publicity:

Some examples:

  • A youtube video telling the users how to make profit on Shorter
  • A blog describe Shorter’s sophisticated mechanism
  • Fresh breaking reports/interviews about Shorter Finance
  • High-quality articles/videos demonstrate any aspects of Shorter finance, enabling the readers to know better about the mechanism/walkthroughs
  • Workable self-driven social media expansion plan

Submission Requirements

Track 1: Enrich Shorter’s ecosystem (all required):

  • A video tutorial of running/using your demo
  • Link to the Github repo with well-documented README
  • Online dApp demo can be accessed by domain names (optional)

Track 2: Expand Shorter’s publicity (multichoice):

  • News/Blogs/Videos have been published(optional)
  • Documents in Google doc or other file-sharing platform fully expresses your idea (optional)
  • Mind maps clarifying your thinkings and suggestions about Shorter’s promotion and marketing(optional)

Judging Criteria

Track 1: Enrich Shorter’s ecosystem:

  • App/Dapp/Service is functional and ready to serve the users
  • Relatively graceful code with well architecture design
  • User-centric intuitive UI and UX
  • The open-source project do have the capacity of empowering Shorter’s ecosystem
  • Several video walkthroughs of the dapp functionality

Track 2: Expand Shorter’s publicity:

  • Making newcomers get interested in Shorter Finance
  • Convince us with your core resources, solid community support or something else proving the potential impact that can be brought about
  • The idea/plan can rattle the whole community and impressive enough

Winner Announcement Date

Sep 1th, 2022


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Shorter Finance Documentation

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If you ran into some issues over development, feel free to post them in the Developer channel.

Introduction Video

Brief Introduction Video

Key Actors:

  • Provider
  • Trader
  • Ruler


Liquidation Basics

Debt Auction


Video Tutorial

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