This bounty is no longer available
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Shill Bit Hotel in the DMs of your favorite content creators

Binance Smart Chain


Bit Hotel


almost 2 years ago



50.1 USD


DM, email and reach out to any influencers and content creators that you think could be interested in promotiong Bit Hotel. This could include Twitch streamers, Twitter accounts, Youtubers and more. Talk with them about Bit Hotel first to see if they are interested, after that DM @TheGrandOwl or @Larenzcrem on Telegram if you find suitable candidates that Bit Hotel can partner with to create content on the Bit Hotel Beta. Bit Hotel can compensate creators via Paypal, Stablecoin, BTH or NFTs.

Your reward if you accept this bounty is USDT every time you succesfully get creators excited about the game.


Bit Hotel is a Social-first Play 2 Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse, in which users can compete to earn Bit Hotel tokens and acquire native NFTs. These NFTs have in-game usability and consist of characters, hotel rooms, furniture and other artifacts that have their own perks. More info below!