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Repo Automation: Diff Bot for Translation Updates




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The Solidity documentation is being translated through community efforts in the solidity-docs organisation. It is hard and overly complicated for the community translators to keep track and catch up with versions and manually update a translation as new Solidity versions get released.


Automation! Optimally, we would like to have a bot similar to the reactjs-translation-bot, which would create PRs with new content that needs to be translated every time the original documentation is updated.


To semi-automate the process, it would be great if we could set up a bot, similar to the translation bot. The bot creates PRs for new content to be translated from the original English version of the docs. More info on the bot can be found here and this is how a PR from the bot looks like. More context on the process behind the reactjs bot can be found in this issue.

More Details on the Bot Design and Functions

  • Set up a bot that creates PRs with diff of newly released docs to translate.
  • The solidity/docs developbranch shall be used as a source.
  • The PRs should be created in each of the language repositories (currently this means in the repos of the Indonesian, Japanese, Farsi and Portuguese translations).
  • The bot should create a PR once per day per language repository.
  • The bot should be written in JS, Python or Bash.
  • The bot should be part of the solidity-docs GitHub organization and should add PRs to all the different translation repos.
  • The bot should use Github Actions as a CI.

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