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Private Transaction DApp - Drop NFTs to mailing list using TEE and Confidential Email




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🟡 Topic |

iExec Tooling: anyone can claim this bounty, deliver the integration, and get rewarded in RLC.

🟡 Description |

The goal of this bounty is to use enable private transactions on public blockchains by using iExec’s TEE for generating crypto asset vouchers (magic link). These vouchers are signed messages that a deposit has been made to an escrow smart contract. The smart contract will release these funds when this signed message is presented to it. This allows for a confidential off-chain transfer of these vouchers. The transfer of the magic link (asset voucher) should use iExec confidential email sender in order to keep on-chain identity anonymous from off-chain identity.

🟡 Innovation potential - What iExec Tech is Used? |

  • iExec confidential email sender:
  • iExec SDK -
  • Deploy Dapp and Check Deployed Dapp -
  • iExec Dapp Registry -
  • Publish check pending, execute an order -

🟡 Expected Deliverable |

A UI that integrates 2 UX paths:

As a sender, I want to send some assets to an escrow smart contract, generate a voucher (magic link) then send this magic link to a pool of mail addresses using iExec Confidential email sender. As a receiver, I want to receive some assets using my mail address without disclosing it

The magic link should keep the deposit index anonymous by implementing an encryption algorithm A complete README explaining how the project works with all dependencies (including a functional diagram of the proposed solution)

📚 🛠 Technical Documentation |

💬🔧Discord Tech Support Channel:

If you’re interested in this bounty, come to say hello on Discord and introduce yourself!

🟡What are the eligibility criteria for a proposal?

Your project submission:

  • Must use the iExec Tech Stack
  • Must not use someone else’s code
  • Must provide full documentation and resources