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Pandora Box NFT




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Build a dapp and this dapp will be name something like Cakebank Pandora Box NFT

  1. It is a smart contract that the team can insert/remove nft in.
  2. The nft collection in the smart contract can be verified.
  3. Nft collection can be cakebank collections and valuable from OpenSea.
  4. You can pay cakebank token (0x5f1b95784a033cd6842cf26eb9a9687f91ad9e78) to draw a random nft or get back an amount of cakebank as prize.
  5. Prize in the dapp will be random with a calculation, the better prize will be lower probability of draw.

Prizes list

  1. NFT
  2. Token


  1. Default Probability is 10000 (must be able to update on smart contract to other value)
  2. Assumption Payment must be able to set

BEP20 token (1. Contract Address, 2. Amount) Default: 0x5f1b95784a033cd6842cf26eb9a9687f91ad9e78 (CakeBank Token) Amount: 200,000

Able to insert Token as a Prize.


  1. Token contract address (checksum): <Contract address of Cakebank> Amount_of_token: 100,000 Quantity: 100 sets Probability: 10000 (everytime, sure win)

Token contract address (checksum): <Contract address of Cakebank> Amount_of_token: 200,000 Quantity: 100 sets Probability: 5000

if the probability is 6000, you still win 100k token if the probability is 5000, you will win 200k token

the best "prize" of the probability roll, the max probability should be able to "set / update", default is 10000

##Front End ##

There should be a front interface where i can connect Token Pocket / Trust Wallet / Metamask for interacting with the Dapp

Contract Owner

As the contract owner, should be able to take out the NFTs / Tokens and transfer back to the contract owner address. Probability will never be same for different object, there will surely be a +-1

##Able to Spend Token Permission##

Allow user to approve CakeBank as a Fee on the required sum 200,000 or no limit when interacting with the Dapp. Once user pay the fee required successfully, the roll result would be logged at the smart contract, and send to the user.

As the prize could be an NFT from OpenSea in Ethereum, the user should be able to claim the NFT by paying the GasFee and the smart contract (Ethereum version) will be sending the NFT ownership to the winner.

Anything missing can be highlight.

  • Possible challenge

Sending of NFT Update of "Quantity" for Token Prize. UI Interface Design For start, smart contract testing can be done at BscScan after verified contract on Insert NFT, Remove NFT, Insert Token Prize, Remove Token Prize. Gas Calculation, user have to pay enough BNB gasFee and Token Fee to interact with the contract so smart contract got enough BNB to send the "Token" prize or "NFT" (ETH) to the user when they win.