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Packaging Algorithms into Legos




over 1 year ago



15000 USD


Packaging Algorithms into Legos

Prize Bounty

Winners will split $15,000 paid out in ETH

Challenge Description

In this challenge, you will package useful anti-Sybil algorithms into "Legos." These Legos can be thought of as autonomous packaged algorithms that can be run individually in batch mode or tied together with multiple other Legos into pipelines that run closer to real time.

Interesting algorithms to consider packaging into Legos include:

  • Communities/classifier/network/distribution/clustering
  • Probabilistic scoring
  • Simulation/cause-effect modeling

Each Lego should be able to take as input a wallet address (or a list of addresses) and output a boolean response. That boolean response does not necessarily have to be whether or not those wallets are judged to be a Sybil; rather, each Lego could score wallets on a particular attribute, such as whether they have performed a particular set of actions, or if they appear on a given list, or showed certain behaviors.

You can read more about the concept of Legos in this guide published 1/10 on the Gitcoin Forum:

Submission Requirements

Please use the Ocean Protocol to submit your analysis. More information about how to use the Ocean Protocol is available in this FAQ:

Judging Criteria

As mentioned above, this bounty in particular rewards the packaging of algorithms into Legos. In addition - the judges will look more favorably on those submissions that utilize decentralized approaches. For example, approaches that utilize the Pocket Network and TrueBlocks as well as the Ocean Protocol will be graded more highly all else equal than those that rely upon centralized sources of data and indexing.

You may also wish to compete for the Lego Dashboard to show how your Lego and potentially other Legos can be displayed together.

Winner Announcement Date

Winners will be announced by February 14th, 2023.


There is a hackathon channel in the OpenData Community discord called #DataBuilder-Hackathon-2023. You can join the OpenData Community discord here.

You can access OpenData Community resources including relevant FAQs and tips:

Additionally, we have prepared a dataset for your use that includes information about recent grants rounds with Unicef and with Fantom: