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I am looking to build a web2 Grants platform that simplifies the facilitation of funding public goods in local communities.

Here is what Im thinking the architecture could look like:

A platform that hosts grants, with a plugin architecture that allows various

  1. capital allocation plugins (eg quadratic funding, dominance assurance contracts, etc)
  2. checkout plugins

This platform would have easy ways to publishing to/subscribing from grants registries in the web3 ecosystem, allowing easy transferability of grants from each paradigm.

<img width="1237" alt="Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 7 44 36 AM" src="">

The main "customers" for this platform would be

  1. Grant owners - who want to get funds
  2. Grant contributors - who want to give their favorite projects funding
  3. (optionally) ecosystem builders - who want to support ecosystems of public goods
<img width="624" alt="Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 7 47 45 AM" src="">

The application would need to have the following.

  1. Create Grant Flow
  2. Checkout Flow
  3. Add Matching Funds Flow
  4. Analytics Module to track contributions

From a technology perspective, we are looking to build this "right". That means good docs, good test coverage, responsive design, maintainable codebase, etc. I've already validated the market for this with two throwaway builds (1, 2) and we want to invest in a solid codebase to host future web2 grants campaigns.

If you are a builder, please submit your application on the gitcoin bounty below. I will select a builder (or team of builders) to build it in the next couple of weeks.

I set the bounty to 10 ETH, but the actual compensation will probably be T&M as we kick off the project.