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Twitch Watch To Earn Extension

Status: Open

Reward:: $18k USD - Bounty will be paid in $RLY for USD equivalent on date of payment. As of posting, $18k USD is 75k $RLY

Timeline: 1 Month


Description: Develop a Twitch extension that allows streamers to give away coin to their viewers based on time watched

Use Case: Streamer X is going live on Twitch and wants to reward fans who tune in for a special stream from 5-6pm

Considerations:: Completed project MUST be opensource. Ideally done in javascript

  • Creator/Streamer Needs - Ability to set total prize pool - A way to control distribution - Give X amount to any viewer who watches X minutes - Give a random amount of coin between X-Y to anyone who has their Rally account connected - Control where info shows up - Either in chat - Or as a ticker/overlay - Easy “On/Off Switch” - Ability to customize color scheme and font - Display the extension on the creator's Twitch description section below the main video window

  • Viewer Needs - Install extension - Connect user's account with their account

  • Extension should - Track watch time during a window of the creator's choosing (i.e. just by enabling the extension or enabling the campaign) - Auto display rewards earnings in the creator's Twitch chat or overlay as a ticker (i.e. "XYZ user has earned $ZYX by watching")

Reward $18k USD in $RLY (75,000 $RLY)

  • $15k USD upon submission being approved by QA
  • $3k after 60 days of maintenance, bug fixes, etc

Resources: Rally API Twitch Extensions

Notes: Only one applicant will be chosen to handle this bounty. Upon approval, applicant will work with Rally to get needed levels of approvals. We are looking for delivery of this project within a month