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NFT Public Good Marketplace




over 1 year ago



500 USD


NFT Public Good Marketplace A code repository for an NFT marketplace for public good.

Prize Bounty: $500 USDC. Challenge Description General idea and discussion here:

Build an integration on X2Y2 or Looksrare using their SDK (, This integration allows people to mint NFTs using Charged Particles contracts ( When the minted NFTs are sold a percentage of the sale (could be 100% to start out with or percent chosen by NFT creator) goes to verified projects on Giveth ( These projects are selected by the creator of the NFT. GIV backs (tokens) sent in return for the sale percentage are automatically staked (in Giveth's contracts) and embedded into the NFT with a time lock (charging the NFT through Charged Particles).

Additional Features if able The X2Y2 or Looksrare tokens sent from transacting with the marketpalce are sent into the NFTs instead of individual wallets. Option to set percent of sale for other public good tokens and stake them in the NFT. Create an NFT marketplace token that gets distributed into each of the NFTs minted on the marketplace with a timelock.

Submission Requirements What constitutes a valid submission to win the prize? The submitter will do a walk through of the NFT marketplace with a team of individuals chosen by the writer of this page- Terexitarius, all specified functionality needs to be up to par with the team's evaluation. The open source Github codebase will be reviewed by the team as well. Once everything is determined to be up to par, the team will come to a deciding vote and if greater than 51% consensus is reached than the funding will be distributed to the submitter.

Judging Criteria How will the sponsor ultimately decide the winner/winners from all valid submissions? The first submitter that completes the submission requirements will be the valid submission and no other submission will be accepted after that time.

Winner Announcement Date The submission deadline is 11/31/22.

Resources [comment]: # Terexitarius is able to be contacted on the ecology guild Discord channel of Charged Particles: The successful submitter of this codebase is considered a co-founder and is eligible for an allocation (up for negotiation) of the new NFT marketplace tokens as decided by the team.