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Requirements New home interface for that follows or matches the overall app theme. We have attached sample information that may be used. We are looking for clean but interesting designs.

1 addrs. Unlimited Addresses. addrs allows you to link all your different Cryptocurrency addresses to 1 single, easy to remember profile. No more addresses just 1 addrs.

Payments are 1 tap away addrs completely changes the Crypto user experience for payments from open wallet, copy address/identity protocol name, paste, to simply tapping a link which automatically opens the correct wallet for your Crypto with the address ready to send.

From Dollars to Bits Through our payment providers you can pay with Visa and have the receiver get Crypto to their address. No exchanges. No bank transfers. Crypto payments are as easy as any other.

Free You can create an account, support unlimited assets and receive / send payments all for free, and always free.

You can see a sample video and demo at

Would be great to have a part saying supported tokens/wallets/sponsors