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Network State Book - Complete a High Leverage Action for Balaji




over 1 year ago



1337 USD


As you all may know , Balaji Srinivasan just released - a book about ... well... network states.

Balaji is a Gitcoin investor, friend, + recently did a podcast with me about public infrastructure in the network state

Through our conversation about the Network State, it has become clear that he plans to update the resource over time as new information comes to light. We have been brainstorming during this time how Gitcoin's vision (build/fund digital public goods) and the Network State vision co-exist and are complementary.

This is a bounty to complete one of the two "high leverage actions" that Balaji has told me over DMs.

  1. A high leverage action for an enthusiast would be to write a review of, even if only a tweet
  2. A high leverage action for a programmer could be to write a replit or github gist illustrating something from the book, like the concept of a nation as a densely connected subgraph

To submit work.

  1. Send a tweet with your submission to me ( and to balaji (
  2. comment here with a link to the tweet.
  3. Please do so by 9/1/2022

As a reward for the work, I have 1337 DAI available the following prize tiers put together.

  • FIRST PLACE - 700 DAI (1 winner)
    • (and I will RT your work + try to intro you to Balaji)
  • SECOND PLACE - 300 DAI (1 winner)
    • (and I will RT your work)
  • THIRD PLACE 100 DAI (2 winners)
  • HONORABLE MENTION - at my discretion.

Not everyone who submits work will get a reward for this. Only high quality work (in Balaji and my opinion) will be given a reawrd.