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mTree Economic Modeling Bounty




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Agreement Contract


mTree is an agent-based modeling tool for building and testing microeconomic systems. The bounty will build an mTree capability to use the existing mTree model to write agents that can send orders to the AMM, Vault, PSM, and Transfer contracts to be executed on the Agoric development blockchain.

Contract must:

  • Accept payment into escrow to be distributed upon the completion of the work
  • Give power to users to determine that work was completed relative to proposal
  • Single user
  • Multiple users
  • Acceptance by any
  • Acceptance by majority
  • Acceptance by unanimous consent


This bounty will build a bridge between the mTree model and the Agoric chain, enabling mTree agents to perform actions on the Agoric chain.

These agents will have access to their wallets, i.e., current holdings of brands and vaults, and the oracle price to make decisions. The following example should be implementable:

  • mTree agent gets current wallet info
  • mTree agent makes a PSM transaction
  • mTree agent sends some amount of a Brand to another agent
  • mTree agent takes out a loan from Agoric Vault Manager
  • mTree agent adds collateral to vault
  • mTree agent makes swap on AMM
  • mTree moves Oracle Price to trigger a loan default

Output of the bounty must include the following: *Demo video walking through the interaction

  • Code in a public github repo
  • Note that contract code submissions must be open source.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Implementation plan agreed to with Agoric team
  • Criteria in description met

Time Estimation

40 hours



Payment will be made in USD (fiat currency) via wire transfer. The developer is responsible for providing their completed tax documents (W9 for US based developers and/or W8 or W8-BEN-E for non-US based developers) and providing their banking details in order to receive payment.

Applicant Assessment Criteria

Important: Please provide a clear workplan for how you will approach this bounty. Use the work plan as an initial demonstration that you would be a good candidate. Bounties will require coordination with the Agoric team, so unfortunately only plans submitted in English will be considered.

Applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Issue-specific domain experience
  • Issue-specific technical capability
  • Familiarity with mTree modeling tool
  • Familiarity with Agoric's platform
  • Python experience
  • Availability and communication

##Review Process Agoric team reviews your submitted workplan on Gitcoin It is best to join our Discord and post your Gitcoin name in the bounties channel, so that we can follow up with you. Otherwise, we will write on your Gitcoin profile wall and say hello! Agoric contacts you to provide reference projects / sample code for engineering review Introductory call to discuss your plans and expected timeline You join the Agoric Discord bounties channel (if you haven’t done so already) Agoric accepts you on Gitcoin and you get started!


Agoric documentation: #bounties channel on Agoric Discord for questions!


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