This bounty is no longer available
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Mantle Mash - Gitcoin Hackathon Bounty - UX




over 1 year ago



5000 USD


Best UX: 2 teams win $2,500 per team

Challenge Description

One of the most challenging problems in Web3 is creating an intuitive and seamless User Experience for dApps. Build a dApp that raises the bar for UX in some way. Make sure to explain in your submission in detail what you’ve done to make UX more accessible. Ideas:

  • Make Ethereum addresses more user-friendly with auto-generated images -
  • Visualize Mantle chain data via dashboards and data visualization
  • Visualize Mantle address transaction history with a TikTok-like timeline

Submission Requirements

  • The submission must be deployed on Mantle testnet
  • A video demo and GitHub repo must be submitted

Judging Criteria

  1. User-friendly interface and intuitive design
  2. Innovative approaches to improve accessibility and seamless user experience
  3. Relevance and impact on the overall Web3 UX
  4. Technical feasibility and implementation quality

Winner Announcement Date

Winners will be announced by Friday, February 24 EOD EST.