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almost 2 years ago



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Ideate a new logo to Kleoverse!

We've had a letter "k" and a text "kleoverse" as our logos throughout our existence. However, we would love to have a visual logo and/or icon that would depict the ethos Kleoverse and our unique community 💚

Ideally, our logo encapsulates our mission and vision – building the Platform of Work in Web3 with a mission of revolutionizing talent measurement, signaling, and discovery on the web. Our name stems from the Greek word "kleos", roughly meaning "what others say about you". The essence of that spirit – the culture of ancient Greece, sharing (positive) referrals, fame and glory attained through good deeds and hard work – could also be portrayed in the logo.

Our brand colors are #7DFFD6 and #030303.

Share your idea at our Discord's #voting-channel, preferably with a rough sketch about how the logo would look like! Join the Discord here:


Kleoverse is building Proof-of-Talent to help developers and other web3 professionals create on-chain resumes based on their project history and open-source contributions.

At the largest Platform of Work in Web3, you can leverage your on-chain credentials for finding work from hundreds of jobs, posted by the leading web3 organizations. Build the professional profile of web3, showcase your skills with the most relevant credentials, connect with organizations and other builders, and find your next opportunity!