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Let us create a Bounty: Let us send .01 Near to a member...








Let us create a Bounty: Let us send .01 Near to a member to help speed up the clarity of the ecosystem- Let us define how the society will work. Our rules. Our currency and our partnerships should all be here on the blockchain and also on a dedicated website. We want to use the same model and currency of "the near misfits" on astro dao. We will have a 3 level condo that adhers to the anarcho- capitalistic ideal that is protected under the governments and gangs. We need the nonaggression principle, basic universal income, and requirements to be clear and on the site "voids r" before Feb 7, 2023 and we need to clarify laws within the compound. Feb 7,2023 for the website and the series of youtube exlainer videos.$$$$