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Integrate strips with defilama and defipulse




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244.41 USD


Tech stack: typescript + hardhat + ethersjs How to deliver the result: Tested backend code with full functionality provided as docker container. Once ready provide PR to the current repo.


  1. Need to research and docs and write the code for integration with them.
  2. Which data we want to push to services: TVL for all markets on (Chain: arbitrum, Sector: Dexes)

How to receive the data:

  1. for all irsmarkets from deployments folder call: irsmarket.getLiquidity() which will return USDC value of amount
  2. and for InsuranceFund: insurance.getLiquidity() which will return USDC value of staked amount
  3. sum numbers for 1 and 2 and push data to defipulse and defilama (IMPORTANT: we need to push SUM)

ABIs and addresses for 5 contracts (4 markets and 1 insurance fund) can be find in deployments folder.