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Integrate G$ identity (anti-sybil) in an app - 2000$ worth of G$




about 2 years ago



2000 USD


To get approved you must join and contact us


Anti-sybil - the ability to know that each person participates only once is very useful for multiple application

  • democratic/quadratic voting
  • preventing bots opening accounts
  • airdrops

And so on

Every wallet member goes through the face verification process that anonymously verifies that the face of the person opening a wallet isn't already in the anonymized dataset, and writing that approval in the Identity smart contract Every wallet user can prove that he owns an address which is whitelisted - unique human being.


To complete the bounty you must

  • [ ] integrate the Identity verification in a fully working project, clearly demonstrating the importance of the anti-sybil to the success of the project
  • [ ] users should be redirected from the project to get verified on G$ wallet
  • [ ] write an article explaining how you did it and how it helped you solve the identity problem required for the project