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This is an open issue for the Celo Progressive dApp Starter project Gitcoin Bounty.

The Bounty works as follows:

  • If you improve the user interface or create new components that you think might be useful for other developers you may be eligible for a bounty.
  • Meaningful and novel contributions from the community to improve or extend the project will receive a bounty ranging from 5 to 50 cUSD (or more) depending on the work.
  • To claim a bounty, register for the open Gitcoin bounty as a worker and link to your PR.
  • If you are working on something that is in heavy demand from the Celo Developer Community, be sure to get the community excited and commenting on your PR. Although PRs are welcome gitcoin bounty awards will be selected at the discretion of the Celo Foundation team.

Some starter ideas include:

  • improved or new documentation
  • improved functionality
  • extension of current functionality to do something novel or useful
  • improving readability of the project code or file structure
  • improved design or better support for design changes
  • localization of documentation into a new language

If you are unsure whether your idea is a good improvement for the dapp starter, feel free to comment below and ask for additional guidance.