This bounty is no longer available
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Improve Algorand Code or SDK repositories with Significant PR [100 - 2000 ALGO]


Algorand Foundation


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722.7 USD



  • Short Description: Improve Algorand source code by providing features or bug fixes
  • Bounty: 100 - 2000 ALGO tokens (US residents will receive USDCa and have to opt-in to receive the asset in their wallet)
  • Estimated Time Commitment: variable
  • Category: Developer (AlgoDev)
  • Experience Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


What is this task?

This task involves providing significant fixes to existing bugs or providing additional features that get approved into one of the Algorand repositories. This could be fixing a known bug, or supply a requested feature that helps the Algorand core project or SDK repositories.

What are the requirements for the bounty taker?

The developer should have knowledge of the Algorand source or SDKs.

What are the deliverables?

1. Pull Request

Description The developer should provide a completed pull request that has been accepted into one of the Algorand repositories. This PR should represent a significant bug fix or enhancement feature.

Judging Criteria and Metrics

  • Quality of Code
  • Approval of the PR

Submission Procedure

  • [ ] Submit your PR link on Gitcoin.

Other Requirements

  • All project codes should be published on GitHub, with MIT license or Apache V2 license.
  • All contributions/PRs to public (Algorand) repositories should be open source and should follow the contributions rules of the relevant repository.
  • All non-codes documents should be using Markdown format.
  • In the project description or repository readme, there should be a proper security notice. E.g., it should tell the visitor the project is not audited and should not be used in a production environment.
  • You are not eligible to receive additional rewards through other Algorand programs like the developer ambassadors program.