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How to enable LiquidSoap plugin, that was disabled during Azuracast installation?




about 1 year ago



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We want to use some addiitonal features of liquidsoap (in liquidsoap configuration). However when we use the native functions described here, but in azuracast, when we try to start liquidsoap, we get, i.e. Undefined variable **gstreamer**

In var\lib\docker\overlay2\1ad06411d05843dc65a492d8a7a76f438dd6a0d7dde46e0c8124c3200c4c1c2a\merged\var\azuracast.opam\ocaml-system.4.08.1.opam-switch\build\liquidsoap.1.4.3\liquidsoap.config (and also in ....opam-switch/config/liquidsoap.config )

I see some plugins were disabled, i.e. gstreamer-enabled: false. How can I enable them, so liquidsoap (in azuracast) used those features? I tried to manually type true instead of false, then restarted docker : docker ps -q | xargs docker restart but it didnt work. When I try to start liquidsoap, it still gives Undefined variable gstreamer .

//if that action also needs installation of plugin, is not it possible to install liquidsoap plugin in docker ? so i dont have to build custom azuracast image (which i will be unable).