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Hacking on the Hackathon - and the OpenData Community




over 1 year ago



7000 USD


Contribute FAQs & tips & otherwise help each other out

Prize Bounty

Winners will split $7,000 paid out in ETH

Challenge Description

In this challenge, contributors to the hackathon and the OpenData community will be rewarded for their efforts. We believe these efforts will largely include FAQs and tips and useful scripts however there could well be other contributions such as useful curated datasets, website improvements, and design of community voting mechanisms.

One immediately useful project for other hackathon contestants would be a file that curates useful Legos: Build a Lego LIst

We plan on voting as a community to determine the winners of this bounty and anticipate there being several winners.

Submission Requirements

Please simply link to whatever contributions you would like to be considered for this pool of bounties and provide some explanation.

You can see some suggestions in this project plan on Github, which displays issues that the community thought might be good for a new contributor: Issues

Judging Criteria

As mentioned above, this bounty rewards those that help by providing useful information to hackathon participants and community members.

You may also wish to participate in other aspects of the hackathon. If so, you will be evaluated in part based on your use of decentralized technologies, including Ocean Protocol and the Pocket Network, likely in conjunction with TrueBlocks.

Winner Announcement Date

Winners will be announced by February 14th, 2023.


There is a hackathon channel in the OpenData Community discord called #DataBuilder-Hackathon-2023. You can join the OpenData Community discord here.

You can access OpenData Community resources including relevant FAQs and tips:

To learn about how to contribute to the OpenData Community, please read here:

You may also find useful these resources, which include the wiki where you may want to contribute:

Additionally, we have prepared a dataset for your use that includes information about recent grants rounds with Unicef and with Fantom: