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Gitcoin Bounty for Truffle "How-To" Documentation




9 months ago



1000 USD
3.92757168e+22 XDC paid


Judging Criteria

All submissions must contain clear and concise information with explicit instruction and images describing each step required to execute the process. An accompanying video in addition to the written content is highly desired.

All submissions will be put through an industry standard plagiarism detection tool to ensure that all submissions are the work and ideas of the person submitting for the bounty. If the plagiarism tools flags your submission you will be disqualified from participation in the bounty.

You will be provided with resources (if available) as an aid to help you get started. The sole act of submitting content for the bounty does not automatically qualify you for the bounty. Our team will review all submissions and will choose the submission whose content best fits the needs and requirements of the bounty.

Only one participant will be selected as the winner for the bounty, and they will be notified within 7 working days after the bounty has ended.


Amount of Bounty

Grant Sponsor: XDC Foundation. All monies paid will be in XDC.

What will you be creating?

You will be creating how to documentation for the XDC Network. Some documentation has already been created, and you will read through it to ensure it works as intended, reads clearly or if it needs better clarification, then make those changes. Those items without documentation will be created from scratch. Documentation will have images that describe or represents what's being done or described in your tutorial.


Deploying a Smart Contract on the XDC Network Using Truffle

Truffle is a blockchain development environment, which you can use to create and test smart contracts by levering an Ethereum Virtual Machine.

What you will learn

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a smart contract using Truffle and deploy it to the Apothem test network.

What you will do

  • Install and set up Truffle
  • Create a simple smart contract
  • Compile contract
  • Test contract
  • Deploy contract

Setting up the development environment

  • Creating a project (with images)
  • Checking the contract (sample code with images preferred)
  • Setting up the contract
  • Compiling the contract
  • Testing the contract (where is the contract going to be tested...a link will be great)

Deploying a contract on the XDC Network

- Add funds to wallet using [Apothem Faucet](
- Walk user through deployment process with screenshots
- Validate smart contract deployment via [Apothem network explorer](

Total Prize of Bounty

Total sum of up to $1,000.00 USD worth of XDC for this event, reward amount assigned at judge's discretion.

Further Details

This event will be an ongoing collaboration to create "how to" documentation for the XDC Network. All documentation will be open source and added to the docs repository in the how-to folder via pull request:



These are some of the resources you have available to you where you will find the necessary information to complete your submission.

Apothem Test Network

Apothem Faucet


Node.js v8+ LTS and npm

MetaCoin Truffle Box boilerplate

Guide to Apothem Test Network

Sample of Documentation

Note: Do not copy and paste from this source as it will be plagiarism and disqualify your submission.