This bounty is no longer available
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Gitcoin Bounty: Deploy $SARCO on Optimism + Create SARCO/USDC Pair on Uniswap




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35.7 USD


L2 Strategy: Step 1

Grant for $SARCO ERC20 bridge + dex deployment on each chain.


Since the token is required to create a sarcophagus (dead man's switch), and since the future is multi-chain, we must make $SARCO more accessible for users on a given network. These bounties are being offered in preparation for DAO voting to fund liquidity initiatives on chains other than ETH and DEXs other than Uniswap. In order to fund from the DAO, there must be a deployment of the $SARCO token on other networks for bridges to work, and there must be a DEX pair created for $SARCO/$USDC for the DAO to vote to fund LP.


  • Bounties will be paid to the first address that completes the deployment on each chain (L1 or L2) AND creates the $SARCO/$USDC pair on the listed DEX.
  • If there are multiple DEXs listed below for a given chain BOTH must have the $SARCO/$USDC pair launched to receive the bounty.
  • If a given chain is in closed beta or otherwise requires verification from the DAO or off-chain input, the info will be provided in Discord. All bounties are valid even if there is a waiting period/ off-chain component.
  • The token info on each chain must match the ERC20 deployment as close as possible. Symbol is "SARCO", 18 decimals, etc

ERC20 Token Address

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