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Fix post previews on the Solidity blog


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We'd like to have an easy way to preview posts in solidity-blog PRs. We used to do this via Netlify but support for that has been dropped.

The blog is just a static Jekyll site and our CI jobs attach it as an artifact so just visiting index.html could work. Unfortunately looks like the image links are relative to domain root and don't lead to the right locations. CSS and JS have the same issue.

For example in you can find the post among artifacts of job 892, specifically 2022/02/03/solidity-developer-survey-2021-results/index.html, which is served from

The goal here is to find a workaround that would let us preview the post rendered in CI. Some ideas:

  • We could have a second CI job that renders a version with adjusted links (changed either via Jekyll config or via simple replacement).
  • We could find a way for CI to serve the artifact directly at domain root. It seems to me that it's simply the /0/ part after that breaks things.