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[Feature Request] Secret Chats in Telegram Desktop




about 2 years ago



3840.78 USD


This issue is a continuation of and and is dedicated to the code bounty campaign related to lack of implementation of a Secret Chat feature (end-to-end encryption in private messages) in Telegram Desktop.

The objective is to implement the Secret Chats feature into this Telegram client:

It is possible to do it with 3 different ways (but not limited to):

  • ~~Migrating tdesktop to TDLib~~ / ~~Including TDLib to Telegram Desktop and using its Secret Chat API partly~~ comment from @lukejohnsonrp
  • Extracting the Secret Chats code from TDLib or telegram-api ( / and reimplementing it into tdesktop
  • Reimplementing it from scratch based on the official public specification available here and
  • Only protocol handlers need to be implemented, because all the cryptographic functions are already present in the Telegram Desktop (source)

This code bounty doesn't limit the programmer to any specific way of implementation, as soon as the final result will make possible to use Secret Chats on the open source Telegram Desktop (tdesktop) client on Linux and Windows in the exactly same way as it's done in mobile clients.

UPDATE 04/2022 / Funds distribution scheme:

There will be 3 payouts based on completion of the following stages:

  • [1/3] Estabilishing Secret Chats via DH key exchange (ability to send and accept Secret Chat requests)
  • [2/3] Ability to send and receive encrypted messages in estabilished Secret Chats
  • [3/3] Re-keying (PFS) and media sharing in Secret Chats

The developer(s) will receive 1 ETH for completing one of the stages from the list above, totalling 3 ETH for all stages. The source code should be available and compilable.

The adjacent functionality such as deleting and configuring Secret Chat options can be done during any phase of the work progress described in the list above, however it must be done before or with 3/3.

I have created a verified signature for my Ethereum address containing the funds for this issue: ( Please post your signatures here if you consider making a donation for the devs afterwards.

My email for communication is