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ETH Dividend Improvement to Token




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Hi, I would like to addon the following to the existing contract at

Currently there is a reflect function which reflect the token 2% as a dividend to the token holder.

I would like to add a function whereby it will reflect 4% of the "Ethereum" that use to buy/sell to a storage, perhaps the smart contract itself. This storage will release every 3 days for the dividend, to the stake holder

Main requirements:

  1. Able to draw ETH from buy/sell with Uniswap-V2 Only (I can input the UniswapV2 Contract) - Draw 4%
  2. ETH taken will be stored at the smart contract (eg babyshiba contract itself)
  3. Able to omit address & its token balance from total supply

Omit - UniswapV2 balance Omit - 0x000000dead address balance

  1. After omit the 2 balance from calculation, remaining = circulating supply.
  2. Shares is determine by (MyTokenSum/Circulating Supply) X ETH POT(Dividend Pot)

For example if there is 10 ETH drawn total from 4% of the total volume, and my TokenSum/Circulating Supply is 1% of the total circulating supply I will get 1% X 10 ETH which is 0.1 ETH


How do I check my total ETH Pot for Dividend (IS it via balance of ETH of smart contract) How is the ETH dividend being distributed, through transfer function which cost a lot of gas? or through what method. How do we keep track of stake holder earning, is each dividend labeled in the block chain.

Thanks, need to consider the use case for over 100,000 holders and higher ETH sum.

Quite a few token like Tenshi V2 , BankETH all are doing such , but considering reflect of ETH, on achieving it with a smart contract.