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Enable E2E test in CI




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Now we have a basic E2E test but it runs manually:

cd e2e
yarn test

We'd love to make it runs automatically. Phala has three core components: phala-node, pherry (formerly phost), and pruntime. To run the e2e test, we have to build the three components first. We already have a Github Action called Build to build the first two, but pruntime is not covered.

For Bounty Hunters

  • Deliverable:
    1. Add the automatic pruntime build to Github Action
    2. Changes to Github Actions in this repo to run the E2E test automatically
    3. The test should use the artifacts produced by other actions to minimize the execution time
  • Resources
    • To build the project, follow the wiki tutorial environment section. The wiki is out-of-date, but it generally works expect we use rust nightly-2021-05-11 and llvm-10.
    • To run the e2e test, enter e2e/ and run yarn && yarn test. You should have phala-node, pherry (phost in the tutorial), and pruntime already compiled before running the e2e test.