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More concise "Cheatsheet" page


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Currently the "Cheatsheet" page mostly contains information already available in "Units and Globally Available Variables". The information is already concise in that original source so the cheatsheet just looks like an inferior copy. Also, having two copies is just an extra maintenance burden that's not worth it unless the cheatsheet actually adds something of value. I think we can make it more valuable by adding summaries of information from other pages and streamlining the way it's presented where possible.

Here's what I think we should do:

  • Remove excessive detail from the cheatsheet. If the info is only available there, move it to a different location.
    • [x] Notes/warnings should not be there
    • [ ] (Optional) "Global Variables" section would be better off as a table. This may require tweaking the descriptions or presenting signatures in a more compact way.
      • Marking this as optional since we tried it and it did not look good (#13595). I still think it's possible but will require some editing of the content to make it actually suitable for a table.
    • [x] Members of address, type, etc. should be in a separate section, not under "Global Variables".
    • [x] The operator precedence should be under Types > Operators. Maybe it makes sense to have a copy here but that's also extra maintenance so I'd just move it.
    • [x] I think that the list of keywords should be moved to "Units and Globally Available Variables". It does not fit that page perfectly but is a bit related.
  • Add missing info
    • [ ] Members available on functions, errors, events, calldata/storage variables, arrays, etc. (slot, offset, length, address, selector, ...).
      • These should be added to "Units and Globally Available Variables" as well.
    • [ ] Make sure that the list of "Global Variables" contains every item from "Units and Globally Available Variables"