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dCommerce Hubs: p2p parcel, coworking crash pad crypto cooperatives [3D Rendering]




over 2 years ago



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What the hell is dCommerce? Perhaps it's a cross between a UPS store, a hostel and concierge NFT minting service. It's not a coworking space.. it's a co-creation space. As a "Hub" or "Node" for trusted, distributed on-demand printing, peer-to-peer parcel and redundant inventories along with semi-autonomous arbitration courtesy of the fine folks at Boson Protocol and their mad game theory tech.

The first dCommerce Hub franchise is hereby dubbed Real Fake Doors as it's made of mill defect interior stile & rail doors that are tokenized with spec in metadata after being summarily tagged by dope graff artists. We're looking to 3D render conceptual designs for a space made of doors with modular stand up desks that are convertible into bunks with Gucci ass plush cushions and shit.

Real Fake Doors works in conjunction with Key to Crypto events, the inaugural festivities going down September 2 - 6th, 2021 in Medellin, Colombia. In 2022, we aim to have our golden key NFTs being capable of opening actual doors and drop boxes enabling digi-physical goods liquidity or what we lovingly refer to, as "the internet of shit."

-a CrowdFounder project