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Data Visualization: BTRST Fee Converter




about 2 years ago



606.15 USD


Data Visualization: BTRST Fee Converter

Prize: $1,000 USD


  1. Read the Resources & FAQs below.
  2. Create the best visualization using the fee converter transactional data provided in the .csv file found here.

Data Visualization Ideas:

It’s up to you how you’d like to visualize the BTRST fee converter data and what’s most important to you to display. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • The flow of USD → USDC → BTRST over time
  • Overlaying the above with BTRST price info from CoinMarketCap
  • Create a slider to show BTRST price impact of the fee converter
  • Visualize the amount of BTRST that gets fed back to the community overtime - feel free to make predictions of GSV growth of the network based on what you see on the public dashboard.
  • Visualize the TAM (total addressable market)/market size for knowledge workers and how much BTRST gets converted with the fee converter

Winners Selection Criteria:

  1. Followed all instructions provided.
  2. Visualization must be visually compelling and effectively utilize resources provided.
  3. Must be an original visualization setup by the submitter.
  4. Relevancy of the visualizations created to tell the story of the BTRST fee converter.


  • Every time a client pays fees on Braintrust, that gets converted into BTRST and fed back to the community. The demand for BTRST is now programmatically linked to the GSV (gross service value) of the network as 10% of all GSV will be used to purchase BTRST. More info here.
  • Here is the live log of the fee converter with .csv data download
  • Here is the public github for the code
  • Here is the fee converter contract address


How the fee converter works:

  1. Client pays an invoice
  2. Fee collected in USD
  3. Nodes convert client fees collected in USD into USDC to send to the new Fee Converter smart contract
  4. Fee Converter buys BTRST
  5. BTRST goes to DAO
  6. DAO funds community programs and network referral bonuses

How did it get added to the protocol? This was a community-driven initiative - proposed and voted and completely implemented by the community.

What will the purchased BTRST be used for? Client fees converted to BTRST will pay for referral fees, fund community grants and replenish the Braintrust on-chain treasury, aka. the whole community benefits.

Why does this matter? The demand for BTRST is now programmatically linked to the GSV of the network as 10% of all GSV will be used to purchase BTRST. This is a huge upgrade to the protocol, and we as a community should be proud of accomplishing this milestone.