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Cyberlands Contest #1: Build something cool on top of Cyberlands and win up to $3000 in ETH/USDC




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Cyberlands are collectibles representing virtual nations and unions in Polygonia, one metaverse among many. People can mint Cyberlands via the contract by calling conquerCyberland and paying 0.05 ETH per Cyberland, for up to 20 Cyberlands.

Since Cyberlands of Polygonia is an open-source and open state community project, developers are free to interpret Cyberlands however they want and build anything on top of them. This contest is about building the coolest thing for Cyberlands owners to play with!

Here are some cool ideas we came up with:

  • A website displaying a map of Polygonia (that you will create) where owners can see where their Cyberlands are located.
  • An internet-scale Risk game using Cyberlands.
  • A website to mint Cyberlands easily (currently you still have to interact with the contract directly)
  • A discord bot that does something with Cyberlands, like a little game for owners.
  • Anything that mixes Loot and Cyberlands of Polygonia.

Of course, you are not limited to these ideas but they're a good starting point.


Here are some resources that will help you build something cool:

  • The Cyberlands of Polygonia public API: You can make GET calls to this endpoint followed by a parameter that represents a token number (1-2042) and have its metadata (image, name, coordinates, etc). e.g: Even not-yet-minted Cyberlands will appear there.
  • The Cyberlands smart contract lives here and you'll find the ABI in this repository.
  • This repository has some code that was used to generate Cyberlands and can be useful.
  • If your project involves any smart-contract deployment, we are happy to pay for the gas fees.
  • Join our Discord server!

There will be up to three winners per batch ($1000 each, more if the project is really awesome), and the community will select them on Discord. There's no deadline, but it's first come, first served!