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Create a video tutorial for Litho NFT marketplace




almost 3 years ago



250 USD


Litho is a digital asset marketplace for the CENNZnet blockchain that allows users to create, mint and view both generic assets (fungible tokens) and NFTs (collectible tokens).

This bounty includes the creation of a video walkthrough of Litho, demonstrating how to create an NFT. Include the screen recording of how to use all features implemented in Litho Milestone 1 (

  • Create an NFT with title, description, attributes and relevant assets
  • Setting royalties and choosing the content storage if applicable.
  • Sign the transaction using the CENNZnet browser extension
  • Viewing the NFT that’s been created

Note: Please also submit a text file containing the captions or subtitles used in the video.

You can choose to appear in the video or not, as long as it explains how to use the features thoroughly. Here are a couple of examples of video tutorials you can take as a reference:

Acceptance criteria

  • The video covers all features described above.

  • The video uses captions or voice over to explain the use case.

  • Highlight the mouse cursor to make it easy to see.

  • The video is between 2 and 10 minutes long.

  • Quality: Submit an HD video, 1920 × 1080(1080p) or above, in mp4.

Please include examples of your previous work in the submission.