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Create a user guide for Litho NFT marketplace




almost 3 years ago



400 USD


Litho is a digital asset marketplace for the CENNZnet blockchain that allows users to create, mint and view both generic assets (fungible tokens) and NFTs (collectible tokens).

This bounty includes the creation of a detailed, text and image-based user guide for Litho, in the style of the user guide (

Explain and include screenshots to demonstrate how to use all features implemented in Litho Milestone 1 (

  • Create an NFT with title, description, attributes and relevant assets
  • Setting royalties and choosing the content storage if applicable.
  • Sign the transaction using the CENNZnet browser extension
  • Viewing the NFT that’s been created

Acceptance criteria

  • All features are explained and with relevant screenshots embedded in the article.
  • The article is easy for non-technical users to understand.
  • The article provides first-time users with complete guidance.
  • The article is grouped into subheadings for each feature.
  • The article is free of grammar mistakes.

Submit your blog in a Google Doc or Word document.

Please include examples of your previous work in the submission.