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Create a Mobile Wallet for Lamden




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A mobile wallet is needed to interact with Lamden apps on your mobile phone. The app must have the following requirements:

  • Deep-linking capabilities. If a user clicks on a link on a website that would open the Lamden Wallet on a PC, it should open the Lamden Mobile Wallet on your phone.
  • Publishable to both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store
  • Ability to send 'raw transactions' without the need of interacting with a dapp. For example, I should be able to send tokens to my friends or Tau to other wallets without interacting with a website. This should be the same interface as the new transaction workflow in the PC Wallet
  • Wallet backup and security. The method is up to you but must be within industry best practices for encryption and security. A passcode should be used to prevent people from opening the wallet.
  • The wallet must have a professional level of aesthetics to it. Simple styling is fine, but the app must be consumer-ready.

Acceptance criteria:

  • The app will be loaded on both an Android and iOS testing device. We will then proceed to use several popular Lamden dapps such as Rocketswap, Underground Warriors, etc. to test the deep-linking capabilities.
  • Other features will then be tested. General quality control user acceptance testing will also take form. For example, closing the app in the middle of a transaction, cancelling transactions, and other user edge cases will be explored in an attempt to 'break' the app. If we can find an obvious flaw, then it must be fixed. Otherwise, a consumer user will surely find it.
  • If it passes, the app will then be submitted to the app stores. If you prefer to do this under your own accounts, this is fine.
  • If the app does not pass the testing phase, we will outline what we did and the failed result. You will then have to fix it.


  • You should communicate with the team over Telegram or Discord at least once a week to update progress.