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Create a GitHub Pages website for the ARCs repository


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Create a GitHub Pages website for the ARCs repository


  • Short Description: Create a GitHub Pages website for the ARCs repository
  • Bounty: 300 ALGO tokens (US residents will receive USDCa and have to opt-in to receive the asset in their wallet)
  • Estimated Time Commitment: 3 Days
  • Category: Development


What is this task?

This task requires the bounty taker to build a GitHub Pages website for the ARCs repository. The website should:

  • Describe the ARCs repository purpose
  • List all the ARCs, indicate their status and link to their discussions (that take place in GitHub issues). ARCs should be segmented by their status.
  • Be updated automatically when new ARCs are published

You can get inspiration from the EIPs page. No need to separate by category.

You can use the Community Resources page for branding resources.


Demonstrate the Github Pages on a fork of the repo and a Pull Request

Description A fork of the ARCs repo with a fully functioning GitHub Pages website that is publicly visible as well as a Pull Request from this fork to the Foundation ARCs repo. The PR should contain all the files needed for the GitHub Pages website and changes to existing files if needed. You may change the headers of the ARC files to include needed metadata e.g. link to the GitHub issue of the discussion about the ARC etc.

Judging Criteria and Metrics

  • High quality of code
  • As simple as possible (follow KISS principle)
  • Proper documentation

Submission Procedure

  • Make a submission on Gitcoin with the PR link.

Other Requirements

For questions, reach out to Algorand on Discord.

  • IMPORTANT As gitcoin does not provide a way for us to contact you, after taking the bounty, please subscribe to the bounty issue to receive comments notifications from us. (You can find a "View on Github" button in this page to go to the bounty issue)
  • Taking this bounty task means you have agreed to our Bounty Agreement terms and policies.
  • All project codes should be published on GitHub, with an MIT license or Apache V2 license.
  • All contributions/PRs to public (Algorand) repositories should be open source and should follow the contributions rules of the relevant repository.
  • All non-code documents should be using Markdown format.
  • In the project description or repository readme, there should be a proper security notice. E.g., it should tell the visitor the project is not audited and should not be used in a production environment.
  • You are not eligible to receive additional rewards through other Algorand programs like the developer ambassadors program.